About 12:51 Deli

How did 12:51 Scotch Bonnet Jam come about? James has been serving his famous buttermilk jerk chicken for over 5 years now, at all of his restaurants, and his chicken comes accompanied by his scotch bonnet jam. People loved it so much they kept asking for more at the restaurants so we decided to bottle it up.

James is half Caribbean and his family originate from Scotland as well, so he was always brought up with a kick in his food, but don’t be fooled James can’t handle all spicy food….(must be his Scottish side)

Our Scotch Bonnet Jam does have the kick you want but it is partnered with a sweetness that levels it out, but it’s still scotch bonnets, so it’s still going to blow your head off.

So we are super excited to be selling this to you, to take home, to eat with cheeses, or to coat your roast chicken on a Sunday lunch or to line your bacon sandwiches instead of ketchup.